The KIOSK lodges are the only ones that are adapted to your needs, made of different materials, for multiple uses that can be mounted in just 15 minutes even without forklift!


New Patent

Flexikiosk is a product born to satisfy every needs of closing space in a flexible and modular way.

Flexikiosk is adaptable to every customer need.

Our designers are able to offer customized solutions for special needs.

Quick and easy setup!
Particularly solid structure, easy and quick to setting up (required just 15 minutes).
Easy and Economic to transport thanks to the possibility of loading up to 16 boxes on a truck. Produce great aesthetic value for every forms created.
Economic to transport
Economic to transport, designed to contain operating costs.
Stacking Optimized
Reduces warehouse space.
Up to 8 modules can be stacked with the 3 x 2 ml base space
Green for the use of wood as a natural biological material.


Why choose them

To have 2 houses in 1!

Typical house for winter made with sloped roof, used for Christmas Markets, WITHOUT ANY ADDITION OF PRICES, in just 5 minutes could be turns into a flat roof kiosk for summer use on a beache, bathing establishment, shop, and for any event that require a more modern squared aesthetics.

Low-cost product

2 for the price of 1: you can add separate walls and pieces in future to complete your project. In addition there is the possibility of selling advertising on interchangeable walls. The product is solid and durability for increased load-bearing without problem.

Low transport and assembly costs

To save money on costs of transport, assembly, disassembly and installation you can transport groups of 4 houses stacked up to 16 houses for trucks. Very fast assembly.

Low warehouse costs

Up to 8 houses can be stacked, occupying only one surface. In 6 square meters you can put 8 houses. Ideal for those that have less storage space (reduced post-disassembly) and don't want to increase surfaces and therefore warehouse costs.

Modular infinity

Modular extensible and extendable to infinity on all the planar sides: length and width, start from a base of 3.00 ml and on a base of 2.00 ml. Inner surface extensions can be created as needed.

Super fast closing

Assembly in just 15 minutes with a patented innovative system. For those who have the urgency to mount in a very short time. And for those who have no urgency any case it ends first !! and save money

Can be made in different materials

It's adaptable to all your needs: walls with wooden, iron, aluminum, plastic... special materials, insulated or magnetic based on the most suitable use that you need.

Suitable for multiple uses

For those who need a product that is suitable for particular uses, at different times of the year and for different events. It is our mission. Grow together with our customers by producing the desired answers! The design staff awaits customers with new incentives to propose new solutions.

Assembly without forklift

We also make a lightened iron base for fitting out without forklift.

Interchangeable accessories and walls

Wide range of walls: all closed, with door, with market counter, with window and more. Various interchangeable pieces and accessories that can be purchased separately. Possibility to remove each wall and replace it by inserting a different one for material, type, use.





Various models of Flexikiosk to meet all your needs for versatility of the structure.


Interchangeable pieces, walls, modules and options to be purchased separately.
Data sheet

Data sheet

Detailed Datasheet Flexikiosk with type materials and details.

Our Mission!

We believe with great optimism in this challenge: the REALIZATION of a "New, Different and Innovative" product called FLEXIKIOSK, because it is flexible and adaptable to MULTIPLE needs, therefore customizable.
We want to promote the culture of "do-it-yourself" as an expression of creativity, focusing on simplicity and intuition, looking for solutions that are always innovative, stable and destined to last.

Our best gratification lies in helping our customers to develop their own ideas and projects and to realize them by putting a highly professional team at their service.
Creative Designer
Flexible S.r.l
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